Have you decided to trade in your old vehicle for a newer, updated vehicle loaded with modern features? You can tap into your old car's equity and use those funds as a down payment on your next vehicle. Perhaps you owe more money on your old car than it is worth, and you want to get all the facts before you visit our dealership in Tigard to take one of our new models out for a test drive. We recognize the important role of your trade-in vehicle's value on your next auto purchase, and we make it easy for you to value your trade online.

What Is Your Old Car Worth?

The traditional way to value your trade-in vehicle near Portland was to drive it to the dealership for a quote. This is understandably a time-consuming, inconvenient process. Through our website's Value Your Trade tool, you can skip this hassle and get an estimated value on your old car within a few minutes. To value your trade online, you must provide key details about the vehicle. These include its Vehicle Identification Number, make, model, year, mileage, and overall condition. If you have made any aftermarket changes to the car, we need to know about those as well.

Once you provide those details online, you will quickly receive a valuation estimate. Then, you can compare the vehicle's value to the amount you currently owe on the auto loan. This will tell you about the equity built into your vehicle or the remaining balance required to pay off the loan. If you are upside-down on your loan, you may still be able to drive home in the new car, truck, or SUV you have your eye on. Our financing associates near Beaverton can work with you to determine if you can roll the remaining loan balance into your next car loan.

Factors That Impact the Value of Your Trade

Several important factors impact your old car's current value when you trade at our dealership near Oregon City. The current market demand for the specific make, model, and year are key factors. Market conditions change often, so it is important to value your vehicle as close to the time you plan to make the trade. The vehicle's mileage also impacts its value. While higher mileage generally yields a lower value, keep in mind that some makes and models retain their value better than others.

The condition and history of the vehicle also are taken into consideration when determining its current market value. Vehicles with visible signs of damage or not running properly will fetch a lower trade-in offer. One reason for this is that the dealership will need to cover repair expenses before the vehicle can be sold to another driver. Some vehicles have previously been damaged, such as in an auto collision, and have been fully repaired. While these vehicles may look like new now, previous damage from an accident can reduce value. The vehicle's history is reviewed through a VIN search before the car's value is determined.

Value Your Trade Today

The best way to learn your trade-in vehicle's current value is to use our Value Your Trade tool online. By spending a few minutes completing the short questionnaire about your vehicle, you can get an accurate valuation before you visit our dealership in Tigard for a test drive. For assistance with your trade, contact our sales team today.

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